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The Next Generation has arrived............. Orthema has the full range of milling machines, total contact foot contour digitisers, milling blocks and other accessories for making custom CAD/CAM foot orthoses. Most of this equipment is in stock and ready to be delivered to your clinic now, however due to the overwhelming interest from Australian and New Zealand practitioners, occasionally your equipment will be precision made to order, in the Swiss factory. All equipment is hand built to the highest possible standards and represents cutting-edge innovation and design.

Orthema CNC Milling Machines

Orthema CNC Milling Machines

Orthema Australasia has the complete range of state-of-the-art, three axis CNC milling machines which can manufacture a pair of custom-made CAD/CAM foot orthotics, from the digitised 3-D foot scan in less than 15 minutes. We have regular 240 V machines and the more efficient 415 V three-phase mills available. Taking up less than one square metre these milling machines replace your entire orthotic laboratory, saving you valuable space, time, money, and are extremely accurate to 0.1mm, far greater than traditional orthotic manufacture.


And best of all there is no time-consuming, messy plaster casts, and same day orthotic turnaround, not two weeks. If you want full autonomy over your orthotic prescription, are sick of repressing or modifying your orthotics from your current laboratory, or simply want to save a lot of your hard earned money, then an Orthema CNC milling machine is perfect for you.


Orthotic manufacture at its best.

Orthema Digitisers

Orthema Digitisers

Orthema Australasia offers Australian and New Zealand practitioners the full range of world's best standard, real 3-D foot contour digitisers, enabling you to immediately capture the exact contour of your patient's foot whilst being held in its most optimal functioning position.  Unlike conventional plaster casts, two-dimensional techniques, over-the-counter orthotics and other non-contact 3-D scanners, the Orthema digitiser captures the exact foot and lower limb posture you desire, in either full or semi-weight-bearing, or non-weightbearing positions depending on the patient's morphology and pathology. This is done immediately in front of the patient, and the foot can be re-digitised if you're not perfectly happy with the contour, in just a few seconds. No waiting for messy plaster casts to dry, only to find out that negative cast evaluation shows a less than optimal result, meaning recasting and a further 10 to 15 minutes wasted, ensuring that you run behind for the day.

Orthema Milling BlocksOrthema Milling Blocks

Orthema Milling Blocks

Orthema Australasia carries over 17 styles of milling blocks, making it by far the best range in the industry.  You can choose from single, dual, or tri-density EVA from between 20 (very soft) to 50 (very hard) shore hardness. This makes your orthotic either softer than most accommodative orthotics for pressure deflection or cushioned orthotics, right through the range to being harder and more corrective than many plastic devices.  In fact our 50 shore blocks are often found to be firmer than plastic by some practitioners previously prescribing polypropylene orthotics.  To replace existing cork sandal footbeds with custom made foot orthotics, or for treating more obscure conditions, we even stock cork/latex or cork/EVA combinations, and bespoke orthotic blocks for the most complex biomechanical pathologies. For a fraction of the cost of laboratory made orthotics, you can mill out your own orthotic device, from the exact density and block type while the patient waits. Nothing could be simpler, more accurate or time efficient.

Orthowin SoftwareOrthowin Software

Orthowin Software

Orthema's leading edge Orthowin software is updated at least once a year keeping it the most advanced foot orthotic prescription software on the planet. From heel skives, supination or pronation wedges, multiple different shapes and styles of premetatarsal domes, cuboid notches, first ray cutouts, relief apertures and a further huge array of prescriptive options can be customised to suit each practitioners individual style, by mechanical preference or patient's symptomatology. These can be moved, rotated, increased or decreased in all three dimensions and then seen on either a two-dimensional topographical map, or the actual 3-D rendering of the positive computerised cast or full-length orthotic itself. This happens immediately in front of a patient if you desire, or you can simply scan the contours of the patient's foot and return later to any necessary prescription adjustments. Typically a full set of adjustments, if required, takes just a few seconds to apply. This way you will know exactly what the orthotic will look and function like, even before the patient has put on their shoes and socks, not days or weeks later when it arrives from the lab.


Orthema Australasia offers a wide range of accessories to make your foot scanning, orthotic milling, or preparation and fitting solutions more efficient than ever before. One of the more innovative concepts in orthotic fabrication is custom made flip-flops and sandals. Orthema Australasia stocks a large range of uppers, specialty sandal blocks and sole units combined as a complete pack, enabling the practitioner to make, from scratch, a custom made sandal for patients unable to tolerate regular footwear. We have various podiums to mount your digitiser to make the foot scanning process easier and more ergonomic.


As a standard inclusion with the 415 V three-phase milling machines, we provide an integrated dust extraction system, which ensures a clean, safe and more user-friendly workspace in your lab.


Check out the range of covering materials, orthotic grinders, Kabi glue guns, and much more at Foot Care Solutions Australia.

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