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About Us

Orthema Australasia is the exclusive distributor of Orthema products in Australia and New Zealand. Orthema is the next generation of CAD/CAM foot orthotic fabrication systems, and is recognised as a world leader the foot orthotic industry. These Swiss made systems are manufactured to the highest possible standards and represent cutting edge innovation and design, unparalleled worldwide.


Our company, Orthema Australasia, was launched in May 2009 at the Australasian Podiatry Conference and since then has earned an impressive reputation of providing these ultra-reliable, Swiss made CAD/CAM systems, with expert knowledge, on-site training and follow-up sales and assistance.  In just two years, approximately 100 pieces of Orthema orthotic manufacturing equipment have been sold and can be found in private practices, hospitals and sports medicine facilities in Australia and New Zealand.


How Does It Work?


Once the foot profile has been measured on the Orthema foot digitiser to 0.1mm using close to 600 stainless steel measuring sensor pins, the 3D and 2D topographical details and rendered on the computer screen for assessment. This process takes less than 1 minute, and allows the foot to be fully or partially corrected in position prior to the measurement. This method of foot contour digitisation involves the patient directly and is tangible to them, allowing them to understand the concept of foot alignment correction, whilst giving the practitioner faster, more accurate control of the foot position.


The proprietary Orthowin software has been 20 years in development, and is easy to navigate and operate. Notably, the software does not stifle individual practitioner style, allowing for the adaption of both classical foot orthotic adjustments (such as heel skives or metatarsal domes) as well as modern techniques including toe crests, insole apertures, first ray cut-outs and independent forefoot, rearfoot or full-length inversion/eversion ramps or a combination of each, such as tri-planar wedges.

A large array of prescriptive adjustments can be customised to suit each clinician's individual style, biomechanical preferences or patient's symptomology. Each adjustment can be modified in all 3 dimension, making the process of orthotic prescription a breeze. You can even tailor-make your own orthotic adjustments and add them to the huge library of included modifications.


The final orthotic device is milled via a range of industry leading Orthema CNC Milling Machines, capable of milling a pair of orthotics at once. Their unique industrial design means they can cope with heavy orthotic manufacture use, yet they are compact enough to fit in even the smallest clinical environment. Many of our users have been able to accommodate a complete system in less than 50m2 of shared clinical space.


Orthema orthotics are highly effective in treating the full range of podiatric conditions including heel pain, pes planus, chronic low back pain and postural complaints, sports injuries and other orthopaedic, musculoskeletal and rheumatological disorders.


Orthema offers a large range of milling blocks including single and dual density and exclusive tri-density and cork, in a range of densities from 20 shore up to 50 shore hardness. Varying density in the one homogenous milling block can eliminate the need for the application of poron topcovers or additions, and allows for support where required and cushion where needed. You can even make custom sandals from scratch in less than one hour.


A pair of custom orthotics can be milled within 15 minutes of completing the foot scan, making Orthema the most efficient and accurate system worldwide, ideal for individual practitioners, hospitals or multidisciplinary facilities, large group practices or even complete orthotic laboratories.


Orthema Australasia is part of the MFD Group of Companies .